The Sardinia Wine Company was established in 2012 but its founder, Daniele Pintus, has been working in the wine industry for many years.


To achieve good products, especially in the world of wine, you have to do a lot of work, and aim to achieve excellence. The company has its headquarters in Sassari, but the vineyards Sardinia Wine manages are in different areas of Sardinia. The main one is in Sulcis. “Wine, as Veronelli said, is the song of the earth to the sky.” Therefore no shortcuts are allowed in its production, and nature is always respected. Good results are obtained primarily from serious and meticulous work in the vineyard.


Those lucky enough to grow a vineyard in Sardinia know they can count on a generous land and precious sun. And they can count on specialists of absolute value to direct cultivation and winemaking, such as Piero Cella, an unquestioned authority in the production of red but also white wines.


The wines are made from grapes, and grapes are a product that follows the rhythm of the seasons and the climate every year. Man cannot impose on nature what nature cannot give. There are good years and less good years. Daniele Pintus, and his collaborators seek to optimize the result of the work in the vineyards, year after year, month after month. The outcome is balanced wines that have turned the moods of the earth and the sun’s heat into pure poetry.


Technology, of course, has a role in the production but Daniele Pintus knows that science and technology must serve nature and not the other way around. And if the wines do not reach the required quality standards, they are not even bottled. Yet despite being niche production wines, their cost is never high or unjustified. Daniele loves his work and would like to see his children also working in his company, when they grow up.


Sardinia Wine’s philosophy of simplicity, which also inspires its minimalist graphic labels, can all be found in the glass.
Containing wines that are genuine, generous and tell of the best wine culture of Sardinia combined with the most advanced techniques
of modern oenology